The Map and Description of New England Anonymous Not for publication; shared with the Spring 2021 Literature and Digital Diversity course The Mapp and Description of New-England; Together with A Discourse of Plantation and Collonies: Also, A Relation of the nature of the Climate, and how it agrees with our owne Country England. How neere it lyes to New-found-Land, Virgina, Noua Francia, Canada, and other Parts of the West-Indies with map. London 1630 Sr. William Alexander, Knight An Encovragement Encouragement to Colonies The sending forth of Colonies (seeming a noueltynovelty) is esteemed now to bee be a strange thing, as not onely only being aboue above the courage of common men, but altogether alienated from their knowledge, which is no wonder, since that course though both ancient, and vsuall, hath beene has been by the intermission of so many ages discontinued, yea was impossible to be practised so long as there was no vast ground, howsoeuer howsoever men had beene been willing, whereupon Plantations might haue beene have been made, yet there is none who will doubt but that the world in her infancy, and innocency, was first peopled after this manner. The next generations succeeding Shem planted in Asia, Chams in Africke Africa , and Iaphet Japhetite s in Europe: Abraham and Lot were Captains of Colonies, the Land then being as free as the Seas are now, since they parted them in euery every part where they passed, not taking notice of natives with out impediment. That memorable troope troop of Iewes which Moses led from Ægypt Egypt to Canaan was a kind of Colonie though miraculously conducted by God, who intended thereby to aduance advance his Church and to destroy the rejected Ethnikes Ethnics . Salmanezer King of Ashur was remarked for the first who did violate the naturall natural ingenuitie of this commendable kind of policy by too politike an intention; for hauing having transported the ten Tribes of Israel, to the end that transplanting and dispersing them, hee he might either weaken their strength, or abolish their memorie memory by incorporating of them with his other Subjects; he to preuent prevent the dangers incident amongst remote vassals did send a Colonie Colony to inhabite Samaria of a purpose thereby to secure his late and questionable conquest. Who can image by this industrious course of Plantations, what an vnexpected unexpected progresse progress from a despised beginning hath beene has been suddenly made to the height of greatnesse greatness ! The Phoenicians quickly founded Sidon, and Tirus Trye , so much renowned both by sacred, and humane writers, and a few Tirians builded Carthage, which had first no more ground allowed her than could be compassed by the extended dimensions of a Bulls hide, which for acquiring of the more ground they diuided divided in as many sundrie sundry parts as was possible, yet in end that Town became the Mistresse Mistress of Afrike Africa , and the riuall rival of Rome: and Rome it selfe self that great Ladie Lady of the World, and the terrour terror to all Nations, ambitiously clayming claiming for her first founders a few scandalized fugitiues fugitive that fled from the ruines of Troy, did rise from finall final appearances to that exorbitancy of power, which at this day is remembered with admiration; Though the walls of it at the time were very lowe low when the one brother did kill the other for jumping ouer over them, either jealouse jealous already preuayling prevailing aboue about naturall natrual affection, or else vnaduised unadvised anger constructing that which might have been casually or carelesly carelessly done, in a sinistrous senseto the hatefull hateful behauiour behavior of insolency or scorne; Their number then was not only very small, but they wanted women, without which they could not encrease increase , nor subsist, till they rauished ravished the dauthers of the Sabins, by a violent match at first, portending their future rapins, and what a furious off-spring they were likely to ingender. And when that haughty Citie City beganne began to suffer the miseries which she had so long beene been accustomed to inflict vpon upon others, the venerable Citie City of Venice (keeping for so many ages a spotlesse spotless reputation) was first begunne begun by a few discouraged persons, who fleeing from the furie of the barbarous Nations that then encroached vpon upon Italie Italy , were distracted with feare and (seeking for their safety) did stumble vpon upon a commondious dwelling. The Graecians were the first, at least of all the Gentiles, (who joyning learning with armes) did both doe do , and write that which was worthie worthy to be remembered; and that finall final parcel of ground whose greatnesse greatness was then only valued by the vertue of the inhabitants, did plant Trapizonde in the East, and many other Cities in Asia and lesse, the protecting of whose liberties was the first cause of warre between them and the Persian Monarchs; then besides all the adjacent Iles they planted Siracusa in Sicile Sicily , most part of Italie Italy , which made it to bee be called Graecia maior, and Marseills Marseille in France. O what a strange alteration! that That this part, which did flourish thus, whilest it was possessed by vigorous spirits, who were capable of great enterprises, did so many braue brave things should now (the seate seat of base seruile servile people) become the most abject and contemptible part of all the Territories belonging to the to the barbarous Ottomans , whose insolent Ianissaries Janissary (as the Pretorian Praetorian Guards did with their Emperours Emperors , and the Mamalukes of Egypt with their Soldans) presume at this time to dispose of the Regall Regal power, vpbrayding upbraiding the miserable follie folly of Christians, who dangerously embarqued embarked in intestine warres, though inuited united by an encountring encountering occasion, neglect so great, so glorious, and so easie easy a conquest. The Romanes Romans comming coming to command a well peopled World, has no vse use of Colonies, but onely only thereby to reward such old deseruing deserving Souldiers Soldiers as (age and merit pleading an immunitie immunity from any further contrained trauell travel ) has brauely bravely exceeded the ordinary course of time appointed for military seruice service , which custome custom was vsed used in Germanie Germany , France, Spaine Spain , and Brittaine Britain , and likewise that the Townes Towns erected in this sort might serue serve for Citadels imposed vpon upon euery every conquered Prouince Province , whereof some doe do flourish at this day, and of others nothing doth does remaine remain but the very name onely only , their ruines being so ruined, that wee we can hardly condiscend vpon upon what solitary part to bestowe bestow the fame of their former being. I am loth by disputable opinions to dig vp up the Tombes of them that more extenuated then the dust are buried in obliuion oblivion & will leaue leave these disregarded relicts of greatnesse greatness to continue as they are, the scorne scorn of pride, witnessing the power of time. Neither will I after the common custome custom of the world, ouerualuing overvaluing things past disualue disvalue the present, but considering seriously of that which is letely done in Ireland, doe do finde find a Plantation there inferiour inferior to none that hath beene has been heretofore. The Babylonians hauing having conquered the Israelites did transplant them as exposed to ruine ruin in a remote Countrey Country , sending others of their owne own Nation (that they might be vtterly utterly extirpated) to inhabite inhabit Samaria in their places. And our King hath has only diuided divided the most seditious families of the Irish by dispersing them in sundry parts within the Countrey Country , not to extinguish, but to dissipate their power, who now neither haue have , nor giue give cause of feare fear . The Romanes Romans did build some Townes Towns which they did plant with their owne own people by all rigour rigor to curbe curb the Natiues Natives next adjacent thereunto, And our King hath has incorporated some of his best Brittaines Britains with the Irish, planted in sundry places without power to oppresse oppress , but onely only to ciuilize civilize them by their example. Thus Ireland which heretofore was scarcely discouered discovered and only irritated by others, prouing proving to the English as the Lowe-Countries Low Countries did to Spaine Spain , a meanes means whereby to waste their men, and they money is now really conquered, becoming a strength to the State, and a glorie glory to his Majesties gouernment government , who hath has in the setling thereof excelled all that was commended in any ancient Colonie Colony . Transcribed from a facsimile in Early English Books Online Refers to the decendants of Shem, who, in the Hebrew Bible, was a son of Noah. Refers to the decendants of Ham (Cham), who, in the Hebrew Bible, was a son of Noah. Refers to the decendants of Japhet, who in the Hebrew Bible, was a son of Noah. Refers to the religious figure. Abrham's neice. Fought with Abraham which resulted in Abraham giving Lot a part of the Promised Land. A group of people who originally lived in Rome. For more information, see King James Bible Acts 18:2. A Semitic speaking civilization which is referenced throughout the Bible. Refers to Salmaneser III, the King of Assyria (which is located just northeast of modern day Egypt). Ashur (Assur) was the capitcal of the Assyrian Empire and is located just northeast of modern day Egypt. Refers to ten of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The return of these ten tribes was parallel to the coming of the messiah. A biblical name used to describe the Land of Israel. Latvian for a female politician. Used here to say that it was by a political intention. Refers to the people of Phoenicia (a civilization in modern day Lebanon). Located in modern-day Lebanon. City in modern day Lebanon. An individual from Tirus Tyre What is now Tunisia which is located in North Africa. The story of Dido and the Bull's Hide is about the intelligence of Dido and the founding of Carthage. A city in modern Turkey. Reference unknown. Relates to the Abduction of the Sabine Women which was an incident in Roman mythology which the people of Rome abducted women. A city in modern day Italy. An ancient Greek tibe. Usually means one who is not Jewish. Can also be a general term to mean outsiders. A city in Sicily. An Iranian ethnic group. The largest island in the Mediterranean. A city on the south east coast of the Black Sea. Colonies and settlements located in south Italy. The second largest city in France. Citizens of the Ottoman Empire (a state that controlled much of Europe between the 14th and 20th centuries). Infantry of the Ottoman army. A unit of the Imperial Roman army which served as bodyguards for Roman emperors. Aribic for slave (possessed thing). Aribic for authority. Refers to rulers. A citizen of the Babylonian empire (located in modern day Iraq and Syria). Often interchangeable with the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Refers to an ancient tribe what lived in a part of Canaan. Refers the land that is currently occupied by Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Colonies Countries Cities Groups Religious references References to colonialism References to power