A Looking-Glasse for Women, 1644 T.H. London Printed for R.W. 1644 or, A Spie for Pride: SHEWING The unlawfullnesse of any outward adorning of any attaire of Haire, either in laying forth the Haire, or in crisping of the Haire, or in broidered of Haire in all Women, but especially in godly Women, declared fully by the Scripture. And those scriptures and carnall Objections answered, which are seemingly made for it published for R.W. 1644 London Transcribed from Early English Books Online Distinctive intial capital first indent(1) A Looking-Glasse for Women, or, A Spie for Pride: Shewing The unlawfullnesse of any outward adorning of any attaire of Haire, either in laying forth the Haire, or in crisping of the Haire, or in broidered Haire in all Women but especially in godly Women, declared fully by the Scripture Also those Scriptures and carnall Objections answered, which are seemingly made for it. Prov.22.23. Buy the truth and sell it not. Col.2.6. As you have therefore received the Lord Jesus Christ, so walke you in him. London Printed for R.W. 1644. A Looking-Glasse for Women Aesthetic block depicting three women in a garden surrounded by vines and leaves. To the Christian Reader I have a long time sate down in my thoughts, to admire a while, to see the strain of the world, how there is nothing wanting in to make up their destruction, they will take pains to be drunk, to whore, to cozen, to lie, to steale, to murder, to be proud, and a thousand sins more, which they are faithfull unto him to do who raignes in them as a Prince, in all the Children of disobedience, yea, they would rather sink down presently into hell, then to leave sin; and the reason is, because they walk according to the principles which rule in them. And truly, upon the sad consideration of this particular, to see and observe that wicked men should be so at every command to him in whom they serve, and do walk according to their own desruction. It caused me to consider, how that godly men and women had need to walk according to the pattern which Jesus Christ hath left us, who ruleth in all his Elect; as their only King, Priest and Prophet, and because my love is so dear unto the Saints, that I would have them walk according to the rule which Jesus Christ hath left unto his Saints in his Word: It pleased the Lord to stir up my heart to consider upon the lawfulnesse, or unlawfulnesse of wearing any outward attire of haire in women,whether laying forth, or any other attire else, and found it by the Word to be utterly unlawfull, against the minde and rule of the Apostle Peter, and of the Apostle Paul; and one great reason which made me wave into this work, was, because that I saw many godly women do now adayes weare it, yea, those whom we call Minister's wives, who should have given better example unto other women, besides many other godly women of particular Congregations, who have given up their names unto Christ both in heart and mouth, Convenanting to walk with Jesus Christ among his members, in all the known truths of God, as it shall be from day to day revealed unto them by his Spirit from the Word of God. Therefore I find this outward attire of any outward adorning of haire to be unlawfull in any woman whatsoever, but more especially among godly women. Considering like- wise that many learned godly men have taken but little notice of it, who may have written far more better then my weak capacity am able to understand. Considering likewise that any godly man or woman would not live in any known sin, if they knew it: Upon these three considerations it moved me to declare my minde touch- ing the unlawfulnesse of laying forth the hair in women, and truly I should not have so fully declared my minde unto the world, if I had not found the spirits of godly women affected to it so much as they are: Therefore desiring such whom it may concern, to accept of these few lines, or short epitomy, as the tenderings and earnings of my love unto all those that desire to live godly in this present evill world, and in their willing acceptation of it, will my love be requited, not looking at any gain hereby, except it be the calumnies and reproaches, which may be of my friends, as well as of my enemies, but I shall wave whatsoever comes by, as looking more at the good which I intended therby, then at the evill which may come upon it, desiring the Lord that he would direct all our hearts, both of men and women, so to walk, that we may see Jesus Christ in all our walkings: Your Servant In Jesus Christ, T.H. These first few opening lines are religious references, particularly to Christianity, which help set the theme of the text going forward. This paragraph refers to the evils of the world and how T.H. views that people are loosing themselves and becoming tainted with sin. This is the passage that T.H. outwardly states their discontent with women styling their hair, especially Christian women. This line is very interesting and important because it gives a final emphasis on how devoted T.H. is to Christianity and Jesus Christ. Language relating to gender Language relating to religion Language refering to physical features References to an individual's ethnicity Language relating to children or childbirth Singular pronouns